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Be noticed –
the way you want to

Visibility and safety. Variety, durability and sustainability. You have almost endless opportunities when it comes to reflective materials. No matter if you need them within the industrial field, for work wear or fashion. Learn more by reading this article.

There are many ways to be seen. And many good reasons to be seen.

Reflective materials are functional, fashionable and for safety. Are you looking for reflective material with a sole focus on safety or to use in work wear, sportswear, on a life jacket ? Or do you aim to spark a special effect and make alternative reflective designs?

With us, you can get exactly the solution you wish for – exactly where you need it.

We know this, thanks to our many years of collaboration with one of the most innovative and experienced producers: Regine IQ Trim. Regine IQ Trim has production facilities in both China and Germany. We deliver to you exactly where it suits you the best.

Various types of high-quality reflective materials…

… with many functionalities. We offer you:

  • Elastic articles – where the material will return to its original shape after being stretched
  • Bi-elastic solutions – with no wrinkling or cracking
  • Certified solutions – bluesign®, OEKO-TEX, EN 471 and many more
  • Flame retardant solutions
  • Glow in the dark – with many hours of glowing
  • Surprise effect – material looks in one way in day light and completely different at night
  • Mega Black – black reflective material. With or without printing
  • All kinds of woven and printed solutions
  • Transfers in all shapes and sizes


Why Regine IQ Trim?

  • Regine IQ Trim are innovative when it comes to trends and R&D.
  • Regine IQ Trim was first in the world to produce reflective material in printed and elastic quality.
  • Regine IQ Trim is constantly creating new opportunities with reflective material.
  • Sustainability is an essential part of Regine IQ Trim.
  • All products are OEKO-TEX 100 certified.
  • Regine IQ Trim is bluesign® partner.

Learn much more about Regine IQ Trim here

Want to learn more?

With our deep knowledge to the products you can rely on our service and advice. Get inspiration through the Regine IQ Trim website – and ask us for further sharing and knowledge on making your great ideas coming through. We will find the best solution together.

Get in touch with us and learn more about how to be seen in the best way. Locally and globally.

Call us: +45 9711 6711.

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