we are much 
more than a supplier

Aside from your own brand and your products, a strong business partner is by far the best basis for success.

A business partner must know you well and bring their best products, business partners and employees into play to help you.

We are that kind of business partner.

From us you get much more that a supplier of accessory items for the textile industry. You get your own team of dedicated, skillful, knowledgeable and proactive colleagues, who have lots of experience and who know the industry, know which products are the best and know which manufacturers best suit your needs.

  • Non stock shopping with our sourcing solution that gives you supplier management, product knowledge and a lot of experience gathered in one place.
  • Increased earnings: You save valuable time on searching for suppliers and training. The saved ressources can then be spent on what creates the most value for you.
  • Our strong logistics solution which makes it possible for you to shop in only one place without any hassle, uncertainty or risk: You will get access to our concepts, deals and systems, and we will handle training and instruction.
  • Local delivery in your producer countries via us and our local business partners whom we know and can vouch for.
  • Security because we know and can guarantee quality and reliability of delivery. And because we know you, and you know us.
  • Counselling and guidance across products and manufacturers whom we know and with whom we have collaborated for many years.
  • Inspiration and new knowledge about trends, functionality and possibilities. Because we know the market and stay up-to-date.
  • Low risk and high reliability of delivery with warehouse agreements. We keep your items in stock for you and deliver them day-to-day.
  • Custom made if you need something specific and out of the ordinary.
  • Easy shopping via e-commerce. Through our web shop, you and your suppliers gain access to your product range and your agreements specifically.
  • Transparency: Join us for a visit with our suppliers, see the production and learn about the visions.
  • Fast development of new designs.

Learn much more about how you can enter into a partnership with us:

+45 97 11 67 11