The Products in this category could make a huge difference for your design. Here, you will find interlining materials and fabrics in all conceivable shapes and qualities, which are both innovative and sustainable.

Our interlining materials are from Freudenberg, the world’s leading specialist in woven, knitted, weft and non-woven interlinnings.

Shoulder pads, sleeve head rolls and facing silk from Helsa, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, are part of our product range. We deliver a uniform product across the world.

Tekstil leverandør


Confortemp® waddings, paddings and down replacement can be both temperature regulating, fire-retarding, warm-when-wet, heat generating and much more – and the possibilities expand all the time. The materials are therefore especially useful in functional wear, sportswear, workwear and outdoor clothing for winter season.

metal trimmings

In this category, you will find press fasteners, Gripfix®, eyelets, jeans buttons, rivets and much more. The products are available in many materials and with different finishes, and they are highly suitable for all kinds of clothing – especially children’s clothing, jeans, workwear and functional wear in general – but also for accessories and technical textiles. Many of our metal trimmings are particularly washer friendly.

Trykknapper og jeans

labels and hang tags

Labels and hang tags do have functional as well as brand value, thus your product range will not be entirely ready before you have attached the last tags.

In this category, you will find an extensive selection of products. From all types of woven and printed labels, leather badges, rubber patches, stickers, embroidery and care labels to sophisticated technology labels and hang tags containing security information, tracking technology, indication of origin and much more.


Our buttons are attached to fashion and textile products all over the world. Buttons come in collections and are based on international trends – with regard to materials and colors as well as shapes.

We can offer you buttons in natural materials such as genuine horn, corozo nut, mother of pearl, coconut, bone – or synthetic materials such as urea, polyester and nylon.

Dyed buttons are also a possibility: We have our own dyeing plant where we dye buttons to match your exact needs.

Contact us to learn more.


sewing thread

The quality sewing thread from Alterfil is exceptional. With Alterfil’s patented coating (Alterfil S) seam wrinkling is a thing of the past. All seams can be fixed through steaming or ironing. Alterfil is suitable for all types of seams within the field of fashion, ready-made clothing, workwear clothes, furnishing fabrics, sails, tents and tarpaulins. And much more.

We also offer sewing threads for your individual needs: in exactly the colors, qualities and width you want. And with functionalities that match your requirements.
Contact us to make use of our specialist knowledge.

plastic buckles and cord locks

Design, functionality, quality and material. The choice is yours, when you look through our wide range of plastic buckles and cord locks for all purposes imaginable. And if you do not find exactly what you are looking for – or that specific cord lock to complete your design, all you have to do it say the word: We are glad to meet your individual needs.


zip fasteners

Short or long. Yellow or green. Plastic or metal. Waterproof or fireproof.

Our zip fasteners will do exactly what you need them to. And they will look the way you imagine them. They are available in all materials with different functionalities and shapes. And they work precisely where you envision them. Ask us to receive good advice and valuable counselling.

reflective trimmings

Functional, fashionable and for safety’s sake. The reflective trimmings serve many purposes and are available in a broad variety of shapes and designs: elastics, prints, trimmings, transfers, cords, labels, tapes, fabrics and much more. Get inspired – and ask us, if you have a good idea. We will come up with a solution.

Reflekterende materiale

tapes and webbings

Webbings and bindings. Laces and bias binding. Cotton, polyester, polypropylene or aramide cords. Fire retardant cord and cords that cannot be torn apart. Elastic bands, waistband elastics, shoulder strap elastics and all sorts of other elastics.

With a selection as large as ours, you are guaranteed to find the exact solution you need. We offer webbings, cords and elastic solutions for every imaginable purpose. There are different varieties, and you can get them in countless colors and qualities.

If you want to know the breaking strength of the cord or the webbing, we gladly test it and deliver it to you with a certificate. Ask us for more information.

hook and loop fasteners

Crriiissshhtj… Do you recognize the sound of hook and loop fasteners being opened?

VELCRO® is a registered trademark used with permission from Velcro BVBA that covers a wide selection of products such as hook/loop, mushroom/velour, grippers and many more.

We cannot possibly describe the magnitude of VELCRO® products and solutions here, so please ask us. We will gladly help you come up with the right products for clothing, packaging, personal care, medico…

Tekstil engros velcro

hooks and eyes

Hook & eye, fastening systems, hook & bars. We have many names for the products we love, but regardless of what you call them, we and our partners have them.

Gutos as well as Prym Fashion have an extensive selection of quality items that are sustainably manufactured with the newest technology and with the newest materials and surface treatment.

Contact us if you need fastening systems for children’s clothing, outerwear, trousers or something else again. We are able to help you to the right solution.